Pre-admission Screening & Resident Review

PASRR is the process for screening individuals in a Medicaid-certified long-term care nursing facility for evidence of serious mental illness and or intellectual disability. PASRR helps ensure that an individual resides in the most appropriate living environment, whether in a nursing facility, at home or in a community setting, and can receive the services and supports they need to promote the highest level of life quality and independence.

A PASRR Level I screening identifies someone who may have a serious mental illness, an intellectual or developmental disability, or a related condition, such as autism or cerebral palsy. When indicated, an in-person Level II evaluation is conducted to confirm the diagnosis (or not) and its level of severity.

Since 1999, our clients have included state Medicaid agencies, local PASRR authorities, nursing facilities, court monitors and specialized service providers. With backgrounds in nursing, social work, rehabilitation counseling, mental health counseling, our experienced PASRR team members possess in-depth knowledge of how mental illness and intellectual and developmental disabilities are defined for purposes of PASRR screenings, evaluations, and compliance. And they bring a thorough understanding of the full range of available services and support options and care settings.

Our PASRR services include:

  • Level I screenings via desk reviews
  • In-person Level II evaluations and determinations, including Resident Reviews and Abbreviated Level II evaluations for categorical determinations and advanced dementia exclusions
  • Determination of appropriate care settings and service recommendations to inform individual care plan development
  • Specialized services (active treatment) recommendations and monitoring Integrated Service Plans in nursing facilities
  • Consultation on federal compliance issues and expert testimony in instances of PASRR litigation
  • Analysis and risk-mitigation recommendations regarding PASRR-related processes, forms, assessment tools, and supporting documentation as related to national best-practices and federal and state regulations
  • Technical assistance and training for PASRR screeners, referral entities, and other stakeholders

Jessica Carpenter, Executive Director, LTSS Programs, explains the history of Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review and gives a brief overview of its processes.  Read her blog here.