Public Retirement System Review, Recommendation, and Rehabilitative Services

Commonwealth Medicine has been providing a full complement of comprehensive review and recommendation services to public retirement systems and state Medicaid agencies for more than 20 years. Our team makes disability recommendations on upwards of 40,000 applications annually. We are currently contracted to do work in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Washington, Missouri, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Ohio.

In addition, Commonwealth Medicine has expertise in providing rehabilitative services and case management. We have supported more than 5,000 individuals with disabling conditions and complex medical needs since 1999. Our case management teams have facilitated the transition of nearly 4,000 individuals from hospitals and nursing facilities to community care settings, with appropriate services to address their disability, rehabilitation, quality of life, community living, and employment goals.

Our team approach consists of a unique combination of clinical and administrative capabilities. We provide our clients with objective, cost-effective, and high-quality disability recommendations, and rehabilitative and case management services:

  • Fully licensed physicians and psychologists from multiple specialties and subspecialties are experts in assessing functional limitations and applying appropriate rules and definitions, helping avoid costly independent medical and/or psychological evaluations.
  • Certified vocational rehabilitation counselors to perform a complete vocational analysis of a public retirement system member’s ability to perform work.
  • Experienced disability nurse reviewers to support the development of medical information and timely review board recommendations.
  • Experienced clinical nurse case managers to conduct clinical assessments, create personalized care plans, and provide ongoing coaching and support to maximize an individual’s potential for wellness.
  • Physicians and psychologists to provide expert testimony and attend monthly retirement board meetings.
  • Robust quality assurance processes include ongoing case reviews, feedback, and trend identification followed by targeted training, remediation, and process improvement.
  • Customization of the review and recommendation process based on a public retirement system’s regulations to improve efficiency

Commonwealth Medicine-UMass Chan Medical School is a publicly funded medical school. As public employees ourselves, we align with and understand the service mission of public retirement systems.