Research and Evaluation

Research on current and potential models of care and evaluation of new and existing programs is essential for public agencies and health care organizations. Focusing exclusively on health-related applied research, data analytics and evaluation projects, our team provides customized approaches to ensure that you end up with the answers you need to push your programs and services to a higher level of performance.

Information we obtain through our evaluations and from projects initiated by our investigators provide opportunities for you to improve care, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. Our performance measurement and survey services provide information that can help you enhance the functioning and understanding of your program.


We conduct qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research on a wide variety of health-related topics. When working on behalf of a client, our team begins by formulating research questions — refining the focus of the study and identifying questions that can be answered with the data that is available for collection and produce useable results. Then, the researchers interpret the results, determining how to best use the data to measure processes and outcomes.


Our evaluations determine how well your program is working and why. Our studies also examine program implementation processes and preliminary outcomes. Whether your program was implemented recently or has been running for years, determining how — and how well — it works can be worthwhile. An evaluation from us can reveal opportunities for you to improve care, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs — or it can validate your current course of action.