Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement in the planning and development of new health policies and programs is crucial to cultivating acceptance and support. When conducted effectively, the engagement process solicits valuable input and lays the groundwork for collaborative relationships with key stakeholders. The stakeholders can then move beyond individual perspectives to an informed, shared consensus.

Our team manages a wide range of stakeholder engagement activities and can support stakeholder meetings, bidders’ conferences, public hearings, and topical workgroups. Services include:

  • Developing stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Analyzing the potential impact of a new program on its many constituencies
  • Identifying and recruiting appropriate representation for stakeholder groups
  • Creating strategies to garner support and respond to public feedback and comment
  • Convening and facilitating forums for a variety of interest groups
  • Capturing the widest possible range of stakeholder feedback and comment
  • Facilitating communications between stakeholder groups and policy staff
  • Managing the logistics and operational aspects of broad stakeholder engagement, including accommodations that ensure all stakeholders are able to actively participate
  • Synthesizing meeting discussion and decisions into clear and concise summary documents  
  • Drafting clear and concise communication materials for government and community stakeholders
  • Briefing a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including legislators and committee staffers, executive office and other leaders, consumers, health care providers, and industry leaders