Strategic Planning and Process Improvement

Mission, vision, and values statements are how an organization declares "who we are, what we're about, and how we're going to accomplish our goals together." Creating these statements is an essential step of strategic planning—but only the first step in setting a destination and achieving goals.

Our strategic planning and process improvement expertise helps our clients balance their business goals, regulatory demands, and customer needs and expectations—always leaning forward to produce a meaningful, productive change to extend reach and capabilities.

We employ organizational transformation tools such as Lean, Six-Sigma, Agile, or client-defined best practices to deliver customized strategic planning and process improvement solutions, including:

Organizational alignment – Helping organizations create and execute their strategic plan through a transparent and inclusive process. This means creating an environment where every individual and every process focuses on accomplishing the agreed-upon strategies to achieve shared goals.

"True North" orientation – Engaging stakeholders at all levels to ensure that team and individual goals and performance metrics align with those of the whole organization—and processes are in place for all levels to surface problems and share ideas. This creates a "clear line of sight" to what's most important and provides meaningful measures that every employee can relate to.

Improving processes and closing performance gaps – Eliminating waste from processes and adding value to your customers by transforming work and management practices via a structured methodology. This is done through maximizing staff and resource efficiency and productivity by closing the gaps between established standards and everyday "business as usual" practices.

Risk management and mitigation – Helping organizations through the introspective process of identifying risks and potential problems and avoiding or minimizing the negative impacts. It also means learning from failure and adapting to change to become more agile in uncertain times.

Building a robust governance structure – Aligning an organization's structure, people, data resources, and regulations to keep projects running smoothly, on budget, and always focused on client satisfaction. This includes ensuring robust communication and change management plans.

Our experience and flexibility allow us to operate in various roles based on the requirements of each engagement and each client. We support the most critical and strategic projects, helping mission, vision, and values statements become living documents to guide organizations and every employee's growth and progress.

To learn more about Commonwealth Medicine's process improvement and strategic planning solutions, contact Nicholas Comeau, Senior Director for Process Improvement. You can also read his blog post, "Working remotely – effectively," for tips on remote work best practices.