Behavioral Health

Integrating behavioral health with physical health care is a major focus in health care today. Addressing behavioral health issues can have profound effects on a patient’s health and well-being. Our team conducts research and provides services to address mental health issues in populations that include public sector clients, prison inmates, people with substance abuse disorders, and Medicare and Medicaid members.

We provide consultations to state mental health systems, especially in response to high-profile adverse events. Typical issues addressed as part of consultation include programming and service delivery, administrative and clinical policies, forensic services, safety, quality improvement, and staffing.

For example, we developed and oversee the Pediatric Behavioral Health Medication Initiative to ensure safe and effective utilization of behavioral health medications for pediatric Massachusetts Medicaid members.

We also study populations of people eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare who have been diagnosed with co-occurring mental health disorders and chronic illnesses. Our goal is to determine the link between chronic disease management and cost.

Our practice consulting team helps primary care providers integrate behavioral health by:

  • Conducting an on-site summit and introductory session with the goals of understanding leadership’s role in successful Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), defining an effective model of care that fits your practice setting, and developing an integration and implementation strategy
  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment leading to the development of a customized service for your practice
  • Implementing training that ensures optimal learning tailored to your team’s needs, using a variety of learning formats
  • Providing on-site support through weekly, monthly or quarterly visits for direct support that can be customized
  • Providing virtual support through scheduled webinar broadcast events and access to a practice change consultant with technology-based communication, by phone, email or webcast, during business hours for the duration of the contract
  • Offering shared learning and consultation to clinical practices and provider organizations to integrate physical and behavioral health care