Insights From Our Experts


We have spent decades developing a range of experience in research and the design and delivery of programs and services to support individuals with disabilities in leading the fullest lives possible. We do that multiple ways — from birth through the end of life — making sure these vulnerable populations get the services and supports needed to increase educational success, independence, employment, health and well-being.

We take multiple approaches to help this population and the families who care for them. Our research, training, and support services improve health and wellness among people with disabilities.

Our work includes:

  • Developing, evaluating and promoting programs, policies and practices that enhance employment opportunities for people with disabilities through the Work Without Limits program
  • Assisting with benefit identification and application
  • Providing accessible disability determination services to individuals with disabilities applying for public health care and cash assistance benefits
  • Creating new models to meet long-term service and support (LTSS) needs
  • Customization of health screening and clinical assessment tools
  • Training of education professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents
  • Researching health care inequities and barriers to care
  • Coordinating care and LTSS for medically complex individuals with disabilities
  • Handling prior authorization for LTSS to ensure individuals with disabilities receive the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective package of services
  • Providing operational support for the Massachusetts Prescription Advantage program, a pharmaceutical assistance program serving 57,000 members, including individuals with disabilities