Our Clinical Pharmacy Services team offers an evidence-based, Patient First approach to your pharmacy benefit management program. We ensure patients receive the right medicine at the right time to help them be well, while managing cost.

Effective pharmacy benefit management programs are complex and time sensitive.

We apply the latest academic research and clinical advancements in real-time. As part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Clinical Pharmacy Services is uniquely positioned to ensure your pharmacy benefit program represents Patient First clinical excellence.

Our experienced group ensures the effectiveness of your pharmacy benefit program by offering a high-touch clinical call center and data-driven solutions. Leveraging our deep medical & pharmacy analytics, policy expertise and in-depth knowledge of pharmacy benefit constraints, our customizable solutions ensure your pharmacy benefit program offers clinical integrity, independence and transparency.


Better Patient Outcomes

New drug therapies, while promising and beneficial for some people, can also be really expensive and have unknown long-term effects. We’ll provide you with the right clinical criteria and help you design effective clinical programs – so you can make the right decision at the right time to deliver the best outcome for patients.

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Data-Driven Insights

You need to leverage data in order to make decisions that positively impact the health and well-being of patients. That means having experts evaluate and interpret all the medical and pharmacy data available. Using our extensive data-driven experience, we’ll analyze the situation and provide you with the evidence to make sound clinical and business decisions.

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Medication Cost-Containment

Increasing drug costs and evolving payment strategies – plus an escalation of new drug approvals – are creating big headaches for your pharmacy benefit program. We can supply you with the latest pipeline information, drug budget forecast and formulary strategies vetted by our clinical experts, and then help implement your programs through our clinical operations team.

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