University Partnerships

Collaborations between public universities and state governments are not new; historically, investments by states in their university systems have yielded public benefits in diverse areas such as training and workforce development, support to public education, and information technology.  In the recent past, relationships have also emerged around university system support to state public health care initiatives, primarily involving Medicaid program administration, as this represents the most challenging undertaking of state government.

We have collaborated with the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center to develop the Public University Medicaid Partnerships initiative, which publicizes and highlights the potential for and benefits of partnerships between public university systems and state agencies responsible for the conduct of state health care programs, particularly Medicaid. These partnerships have been important vehicles in shaping public policy, designing and implementing innovative approaches to deliver health services, providing technical assistance to agency operations, and helping state Medicaid programs better fulfill their missions.

Our goals are to achieve the following:

  • Build partnerships that contribute to an environment where innovation is achievable and, at the same time, administratively efficient so as to optimize states’ resources.
  • Expand partnerships through information dissemination and technical assistance for those states and university systems looking to build and/or expand Medicaid and other state health care quality improvement efforts.

Representatives from UMass Chan Medical School and the Government Resource Center are available to address particular issues and provide guidance to interested university and state agency personnel. Visit our Public University Medicaid Partnerships website.