TrendFinder LTSS

States face many challenges in addressing the needs of the nation’s growing aging population, which places new demands on publicly-funded long-term services and supports (LTSS) systems.

Decision-makers within state health and human service agencies need better information to design and enact risk-sharing and value-based purchasing reforms and other system transformation efforts to meet the state’s policy objectives relative to LTSS cost and quality.

Our platform leverages existing client systems and infrastructure to aggregate diverse data from multiple systems and provide easily accessed, user-friendly, and web-based intelligence tools, and bring reports to your desktop in a few weeks.

TrendFinder addresses the following LTSS challenges:

Capacity Planning Icon

Capacity Planning: Population trajectory and geographical impact analyses.

Quality Icon

Quality: Dashboards featuring indicators from multiple data sources to provide a robust picture for internal monitoring and to respond to external reporting requirements.

Expenditures and Utilization

Expenditures and Utilization: Interactive reports that compile data across delivery systems, and allow users to slice data by programs, time periods and population subgroups.

Program Integrity Icon

Program Integrity: Reports to monitor utilization and expenditures, validate utilization, and provide a proactive approach to protect against fraud and abuse.